The Windsor Castle

Monday, September 24, 2007

I love London! OK, here’s an example. Saturday morning on my way to yoga class, I walked by this ridiculous-looking hole in the wall. It loudly bannered itself as The Windsor Castle. It has tables and chairs on the sidewalk, a stuffed red-coated guard as if it were Buckingham Palace, and signs offering Thai Food and English Beers. I laughed and passed on.

This evening Daniel & Xin and I were leaving the office at the miraculously early hour of 6pm, and wondering about food. Daniel suggested this great Thai place he’d been at near their hotel… yup, that one. He said they have good beer.

So we walk in. You cannot see the walls, because there are too many decorations. There must be well over 1000 photos, candles, sword handles, plaques, plates, and odd things covering every wall, square inch of ceiling, and nook and cranny. The staff are a mix of English blokes, Thai lady, and the Thai owner. It’s an English pub, with really tasty ales on tap, plus a Thai menu. English gentlemen exchange funny polite insults at the bar over their 5th pint ‘o bitter. The food is the best Thai I’ve had. Xin’s diet coke cost about as much as our 6X ales.

What a delightful dinner! I have a new favorite spot in London, in this city full of thousands of places like this….