Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This will not be a boring FAQ page. I will actually update this regularly in response to comments & questions & emails.

Why have a webpage in your name? Are you just vain?

Yes. And I wish to launch a second career as a Hugo/Nebula-winning novelist. A website is like a business card 2.0.

What have you published?

I have three books on Amazon now, including an audiobook version of my science fiction novel. "Faith - A Science Fiction Love Story" is on Amazon now. I've also written several scientific & business articles, a lot of company-internal and government-controlled nonfiction, some erotica under pseudonyms, and scads of social media posts.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on a semi-autobiographical advanced textbook on Project Management reflecting on a few decades of painful lessons learned. I’m also writing an autobiography that better not be published before everyone I know has passed. Another book on how we built our Pacific Dream house is languishing with insufficient time. And I’m starting an AI company — check the Blog page!

Next question?

Email me and I'll provide an answer. I like curiosity.